"Everybody Says They're 2WD Trails"
George Washinton National Forest
With the NOVA Jeepers
December 19, 2004

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The group airing down at the pull off by Salt Shed Icicles hanging off the rocks The Libby on a hill climb The Land Cruiser - This thing was a beast - I loved it Budweiser hanging out in the Jeep YJRockcrawler coming up a hill - I had a better shot, but my camera is just too damn slow Almighty Bob coming to strap me out of a mud hole, getting himself stuck, and almost sliding into my Jeep Three wheel drive in the Liberty Another three wheel shot The Landcruiser being winched out of the mud hole that stopped 5 out of the 6 of us Almighty Bob hooking the winch the the Libby - I was trying to get a shot of him falling in, but he never fell The Libby being winched - Notice the steam from under the hood - This thing did this all day My TJ stuffing a tire on a log More poser flex SAS crossing Dry River Jeremy flexing on a log Stowe watching our two tag-alongs on a fallen tree.  The tree fell and blocked the trail, so we had to figure out another way around YJRockcrawler on the bypass for the fallen tree The Yota making it up the hill right after my lack of ground clearance forced me to go around Nothing special, I just thought it was a pretty shot of the Jeep Ice from busting through all the puddles and mud holes YJ Rockcrawler in a spot we use to flex out our Jeeps Same shot, different side Same thing Yota flex SAS trying to get a little flex Me dropping a tire in a hole Same shot, different side Damn nice flex for a stocker AB getting through a icy mud patch.  It looks easy, but he was throwing ice all over the place.  He ran in two wheel drive all day, and places like this the lack of extra traction was obvious. Posed on a big rock More posing, but too much glare for it to be a good pic Another shot Yet another shot - Hey, I was just happy my stocker made it up there Overlook by resivoir YJRockclimber on obstacle My TJ at the overlook by the resivoir The group on the trail above Dry Run Powerlines off of FR72 Powerlines on side trail off of FR72 Budweiser paying attention to the crackling noises from the overhead powerlines Powerlines on another side trail off of FR72 FR72 at the intersection of Second Mountain trail and Gauley Ridge road A protected area on Second Mountain trail Open legal trails for ATV/OHV use - Dictum Ridge and Second Mountain are marked by an orange I Treading Lightly as posted by the USFS Notice saying thar the lower part of Second Mountain and Dictum Ridge are private property USFS posting about offroad vehicles and trails My TJ parked on ATV loading area at Clines Hacking on Second Mountain trail USFS posting at Clines Hacking about the use of vehicles Sign on Second Mountain trail saying that it is off limits to ATV's Sign for Second Mountain trail - This is how all the trails should be marked Budweiser jealous because I am walking around without him Second Mountain trail overlooking Harrisonburg Night shot on Second Mountain overlooking Harrisonburg GPS track from the trails the group ran GPS track from the trails I ran after I seperated from the group

I went on this ride with very little notice. I became aware of it about two hours before I went to bed Friday night and left for the ride early Saturday.

The purpose of the ride was to get YJRockclimber out on the trails in the Jeep that SAS, his Dad, had bought for him from Greg Ray. SAS must be proud, because his boy did good. Five out of six of us got stuck in a mud hole and needed winched out. YJRockclimber was the only one to make it through.

We ran the Salt Shed trails to the Dry Run/Dry River trails. After the group headed home, I went and checked out some trails off of FR72 for possible future runs. I played around too long and ended up running Second Mountain alone in the dark to get home.

All in all, it was a great day. Even though we've run these trails a million times, they are still some of the most fun in the forest.

After my last trip to State Line, I was a little worried about a trail ride that someone other than myself had put together. There were some good people on this trip and that made all the difference.

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