Briar Patch Trail Cutting
with the NOVA Jeepers
February 18, 2006

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me me me spotting Cline me Cline forgetting that he's an old man me swinging swinging me the group me the group more swinging swinging pushing cline me poorly spotting Cline me me me I don't remember the trail being this rocky, so I have no clue what this is me me me me me the group

I had forgotten my camera that day, so I stole all the pics here. I also didn't post this up until months after it happened. Because of that, these pics are in no particular order and my memory if a little fuzzy on the details.

Simply put, this was a trail cuttin at Crozet with the NOVA Jeepers. We busted our asses all day and cut the "Briar Patch" trail, which should be the easiest trail in the park. It was well worth the effort, as we all we happy to give back to the park and the Packards who run it.

I hope everyone enjoys the trail.

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