CH3 Pre-Run
June 23 and 24, 2007

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Stu posing on Yellow Jacket Ridge, June 24 2007

Stu on Lake Christy Hill Climb, June 24 2007

Jason on Lake Christy Hill Climb, June 24 2007

Holly on Pitman Rock, June 23 2007

Dave on Pitman Rock, June 23 2007

Dave on Stout Trail, June 23 2007

first tow, so here is a poser shot of the truck and loaded trailer sitting at AOR and a poser shot of the truck since, after owning it eight years, I didn't have one poser shot of the tent setup, because my wife likes to see how we live at the parks part of the new manmade course they are building another shot of the course Tjdreams on Stout trail Stu's first carnage of the weekend.  Had I known how much he would break, I wouldn't have even bothered with this one Dave on Pitman rock on trail 20 sequence of shots of me on Pitman rock another one another one and another and another yet another and another and another my favorite from the weekend would be a cool shot, but the dust ruined it more more and another and yet another even yet another last one never thought he would make it with his long wheelbase, so I wasn't even watching until I saw that he made it Holly getting hi-lifted on trail 20 Stu's busted D35 some of the carnage Dave trying to jamb a CB antenna into Stu's shaft to get the parts loose group shot more of the carnage who says you can't fix everything with duct tape JT's busted transfer case JT's bent skid more JT carnage and more JT carnage Stu finishing up his axle swap me on the rocky section of Boot Hill more of Boot Hill My only stuck of the weekend.  I blame Jason's spotting only because I refuse to be responsible for my actions. :) rock stacking to get me free just another shot of me felt really off camber, so I was being childish and acting like I was having to lean out to keep my balance.  Of course, it looks like nothing on film of course, we went balls out me on a hill climb behind Lake christy notice how dry it is.  usually this is a muddy mess still trying another attempt still trying last try.  I had to take the other line because I couldn't get up Dave getting to Camel Back Hub on Camel Back group from atop Camel Back Holly on Camel Back Dave breaking his diff guard Stu snapping pics of Dave posing on Yellow Jacket Ridge more another and another and another yet another even more more posing and more more and more last one Now Stu taking pics of me more and more and another another another and another and another trick photography more of the same and another another another another last one Stu posing the clear cutting.  This used to be the 3 and 6 trails and was taken right where that big mound entrance to 6 is on A Posing on JT's stump another one another angle

As always, it was a great time at Rausch.

This was meant as a sort of pre-run for CH3, although most of the people couldn't show. Really, we just wanted to get an idea of what was being done to the park, so we could plan for it.

We ran on Friday, until Stu broke his rear. Took us forever to get it moving again, although the axle was trashed. Ended up driving it back to camp in 2wd.

Drug JT's busted XJ back to Baltimore that night, and picked up a spare axle for Stu while we were at it. Too tired to swap it that night, Stu took care of it in the am with only the most minimal amount of help. Got him good enough to meet us on the trail after we had only been out an hour or so.

I bailed on the last trail on Sunday because my starter was giving me issues, but still made it back to the trailer after stopping to pose on the stump that caused JT so many issues the weekend before. That was awesome, since I had the trailer and knew there would be no issues getting it home.

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