Camp Heep at
Rausch Creek Offroad Park
with the Maryland Creepers,
NOVA Jeepers, and the Off Camber Crawlers
August 15, 16 and 17, 2008

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sending off the check to pay off the Jeep was a great way to start off the weekend just wanted to show off how comfortable my camp is getting standard pre trip shot, in the event it gets totalled new TrXus wrapping around a rock.  generally happy with these tires, although I miss having TSL's on the trail, because I kept slipping off the rocks.  hopefully these will break in some, and stick. my Friday group lines up on Snakebite Special Ed on Snakebite using a tarp as a bikini when it started raining XJ going down into a hole on the edge of the comp area group lined up on Trail 13 Lauren on 16 Ed on 16, showing off some of the trail Ed on 16, making a section I was just denied Special Ed a few feet further down the trail clearcutting, making the trail hard to follow despite Lynn placing arrows everywhere clearcutting on the west side Cline on Pizza Rock WJcando on 18 Cline on trail 12 Cline on 4, right at the same spot he starts in the video Cline doing some spotting the group of Bronco's the cut right in the middle of us, as we were going up Crawler Ridge.  not sure if they didn't realize what we were doing and thought the trail was clear, or if they were just a bunch of assholes Cline on Yellow Jacket Ridge Mrs. Cline helping her husband with a bandage, after he scraped his arm up on a tree Poor attempt at showing off the numbers we had Jeff's Adrenaline Offroad TJ Jeff's newly finished Jeep Don at the top of the trail 1 hill climb TJ at the top of the trail 1 hill climb Lauren on the black section of trail 1 Lauren breaking a control arm mount off her axle Steve stuck on a rock, climbing the hill on the backside of Crawler Ridge

Special Ed Salas on trail 16

Bean splashing in the mud on trail 12

Cline on trail 4

There was a lot of work that went into this event, and a lot of rewards that came from it. Hard to put it all into words, other than to just say it was an awesome time, and I look forward to making it back again next year.

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