The Cove with the
Off Camber Crawlers

June 24, 2006

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Randy's Bronco stuck on the trailer with a starter issue standard pre-trip poser shot Kofi climbing over a log side view of Kofi climbing a log the group stopping for lunch Kofi in the distance taking some light spotting just a poser shot I thought looked cool Kofi coming through the traps me stuck on what looked to be an easy obstacle.  it made me feel much better when a locked and better built YJ couldn't make it either trying again trying yet again front shot of me trying another front shot of me trying again I think this blurry shot was the final attempt before giving up Kofi stuck in the distance I made this by running the wrong line and sliding onto the right one.  Kofi is stuck here because he ran the right line and slid onto a bad one this is how he was stuck between the belly skid and the lower control arm mount Ed blew a bead during the recovery Ed's attempt at the obstacle stuck while climbing over a log on an incline.  I was able to stack some rocks and get over it another view of my stuck Jonathon's long wheelbase in his Unlimited did him in on this.  The lockers got him farther than I figured he would get, though. winching him over Ed winching himself over.  what you can't see is how we all had trouble and got stuck, yet Kofi drove over it like it was nothing

I had been trying to get a ride together for Rausch all week, but it was getting impossible to keep anyone commited for more than a few hours. I was thrilled that Randy Wood posted up this ride to Gore on the OCC list.

The Cove is usually closed to wheeling except for the Big Dogs events a few times a year. However, they did us a big favor for this and let our small group run.

It was amazing having the whole place to ourselves.

It was a great day to check out the performance of my new parts and get a feel for the park.

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