Big Dogs Icebreakers
at the Cove Campground in Gore, VA

April 29 and 30, 2006

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staging staging on the trail Jimmy wedged up against a tree the buggy posed leaking brake line blown brake line close up of the blown brake line winch hill.  this is where we lost out brakes and Jimmy deserves a ton of credit for making it down this without them trail guide stopping the group to take a leak Jeff from Adrenaline Offroad on Trickle Jimmy on the RTI ramp Jimmy on the RTI ramp Jimmy's flex just before I touched his spring and it fell out stuck CJ beautiful shot on Trickle broken on Trickle Jimmy's TJ on Trickle no clue who's Bronco this was, but I thought it was nice so I took a pic the OCC camp at site 8

I'm glad I finally made it to a Big Dogs event, even though I didn't have my Jeep. Mine was stuck at home with a bent drag link, so I drove the truck down and right seated with Jimmy Wacker.

I camped with the Creepers, but I was on the trails with OCC. We ran sixes and sevens, led by Wayne Lau.

It was a pretty typical ride with the exception of Jimmy's small problem with his brakes. As we started to hit the crest to go down Winch Hill, his brake light came on and gave us a warning beep. I think the comment was "I'll have to check that when we get to the bottom", but they didn't hold that long. As soon as we went over the crest, his brakes were gone and we started speeding down the hill towards a Rubi waiting at the bottom. Jimmy kept it under control and got it to stop using the notoriously weak emergency brake, but he was smart enough to aim it towards a tree just in case it didn't work and we needed something to stop us. I give him tons of credit as this was an amazing piece of driving.

We got the TJ fixed with some spare parts we got from the group and the rest of the day went along without event. Jimmy didn't feel comfortable taking the steep decline of K2 in his Jeep, so I hopped in with Burton to check it out. Then I hopped back in with Jimmy for the rest of the day.

That night the grills were in full force and I saw some of the best camp site food I have ever seen. I really need to get one and start eating right. I just have to imagine that a nice medium rare steak after a day on the trails just has to be awesome.

Sunday was just another day with a few stucks and breaks here and there. Jimmy even let me run the TJ down Trickle for a little while which was really cool. It's amazing how different a long arm 4.5 lift is from my little coil spacers.

All in all, it was a good time and I can't wait to go back with my Jeep.

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