Jagged Little Phil's Ride to George Washington National Forest
with the NOVA Jeepers and a few Maryland Creepers
October 15, 2005

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lunch at Cline's hacking.  Since Cline was with us there were many jokes made about how much we enjoyed his hacking. more of lunch a busted shock on one of the nicest WJ's I have ever seen Tim posing on a rock that is dwarfed by his Rubi I headed out for a larger rock and got some pretty good flex on it who says a coil spacer won't flex more flex Tim totally showing me up more Tim more Tim Tim's girlfriend just sat in the passenger seat reading a magazine totally unaffected by this in the same way that Stowe's wife does me flexing on a rock right next to Tim's Rubi a cool sprung-over YJ flexing TJ flex mandatory dog shot taken of Sahara.  I'm suprised that I never got any shots of Budweiser or the other two or three dogs with us

I don't get out to the forest as much as I used to, since I seem to be frequenting the off road parks more and more. I can tell you that I always seem to forget how much I love this place. Oh sure, there is no hardcore wheeling here and any challenge for my Jeep is hard to find, but the scenery and "away-from-it-all-ness" is unbeatable. I really need to get back here more often.

This started off as a Creepers ride I set up. I picked the date so Phil could make it, but he couldn't. So, he set up a ride to the same place for the next day. Since the Creepers don't seem to like this place, the interest for my ride was low. This caused me to change my date and have my really small group join his.

The plan was for us to run the Salt Shed trails and Dry Run (what most people incorrectly refer to as the Dry River trails). But, the rain was making us nervous about whether or not we could make the two river crossings. As the group grew in size, we know that we had to switch up the trails. I suggested Second Mountain to Phil and he agreed.

Jagged stayed in charge, but I stood by to help in case he needed it. He really didn't.

Things went great for a ride this large and we were treated to the tiniest taste of the fall foilage that will be in the area in the coming weeks.

Now, I did manage to blow my water pump in the gas station parking lot, but it was still worth the trip.

Great idea, Phil.

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