Fourth Annual Eastern Shore Jeep Association
Jeeps on the Shore Show
at the Pokomoke Fairgrounds
September 23, 2007

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just a poser shot of the Zebra on my front lawn and another before shot my wicked fab skills hard at work with the Budweiser window crank :) my custom battery tie down Zebra at the show the ESJA beater the beaters together transfer case skid that I ripped off on one of the practice runs a sweet CJ5 just a shot to show where the mounts were located stock, so I can compare them to the ghetto fab on mine another of the front spring mount rear mount interior shot just wanted to see the seat mounts, to get ideas about how to do mine took this one of the clean CJ7 to get an idea for colors for mine.  think it's too teal for my rig CJ5 on 44's.  some of this Jeep I really liked and want to copy for mine, and some of it I didn't. Jeeps posed on the Jersey wall this old Jeep was beat to shit.  frame was in a U from too much jumping, and it's ready for the scrap yard sweet CJ8 with a freshly busted driveshaft the more time I spend around these, the more I like them took heavy equipment hooked to the tow truck to get this pickup free from the mud crushed fender with the spare swapped on beat the fuck out of this crossmember the beat down Jeep with it's trophy my wheel she did good, but she's home and hurting.  won't take long before we get her good again

I stole two of the video's below, but at least I am hosting them on my own bandwidth.

Beater Build Competition

My Run in the Beater Build

ESJA Run in the Beater Build

ESJA invited the Creepers, as well as a few other clubs, down to their show for a Beater Build Off. Rules were that you could only have $1500 into your truck, and you'd run it against the other entries.

JT called me a couple days before the event looking for a driver for his Jeep, that fit the criteria. At the time I thought it was a little weird that he wanted someone else to drive it, especially since he wouldn't be there. However, my opinion based on only my own thoughts was that he knew how much work he had put into it, and was worried that this would inhibit him from thrashing it like he wanted done (or, maybe he's just nuts?). I spent a lot of time talking with him about it, and was assured that he wanted it driven hard and it was fine to break whatever needed to be broken. However, just to be sure I had to call him one last time before the event just for the assurance that he wouldn't be mad. What I was told was to either "bring it home broke, or bring it home a winner", and I think I gave him both.

I was impressed with the friendliness of the club. As soon as I pulled up, they were as nice as could be. I never really come across too many assholes in this sport, but as with anything in life there is usually a difference in the way people act towards you from when they first meet you and after they have known you for a while. I've got to say that these people treated me like they had been buddies with me for years right from the get go, and made me feel right at home with the group from the start.

The ESJA entry did good on the course. There were concerns about his centering pins and with the driveshaft coming apart (it had done it the day before), so he ended up running it softer than I know he was capable of. Even with those limitations, I think it was an outstanding run.

I made the decision to run it hard, as I knew that was the only way I could beat his time. I beat the hell out of the Jeep, and ended up with a 1:10 time to his 1:27. It was one hell of a rush!

To be totally fair, I should have been disqualified a few times on my run. Brakes weren't holding, as I tried to preload the suspension for the start, so I inched past the line a couple times. I also hit the flex hills too fast, and while I guess I techinally did run them since I went over them in some fashion, I did not run the sides of them I was supposed to (I was borderline on being able to keep control of the truck at that point because I wouldn't take my foot off the gas). They just seemed to enjoy the way I hit the crushed cars enough that all the rules I "bent" were overlooked.

Zebra did awesome, although I did hurt it. Also ended up with a trophy (and some cool video) for my efforts.

It was an amazing time, and I hope someone else is dumb enough to give me a truck to destroy next year.

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