Big Dogs Main Jambo
and VA State Rock Challenge Competition
at the Cove Campground in Gore, VA

September 15 & 16, 2006

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CJ after Otter ran it through the mud bog my camp site our area at camp 5 my initial thought was that this guy bought a tube bender and went overboard with it.  then I started
looking at it and realized what kind of quality was behind it.  looks a little overdone, but very functional and well done the rear view first part of the comp area for the stock class Kyle at the point where the others finished Kyle just feet from finishing the course Matt-Chris smoking the tires backing out of the course.  the log hides the view of his rear tire being off the ground Burton making the first turn on the course Burton with a busted front axle Matt spotting.  we were laughing out asses off at people calling him a Bobble Head and making references to Kazoo from the Flintstones here they are dominating the course.  they had so much time that the driver not only got out to help stack
rocks, but they also had time to unstack them before time ran out Matt-Chris spotting Alan this is where the second part of the competition is held.  I think it's called the Bunny trail Eric with Otter spotting another shot of the same he's having trouble here, but not giving up I think this is the best shot of the day more Eric more Eric even more Eric stuck pretty good, but not giving up I took this to illustrate how bad he was stuck by showing the busted winch line.  however, you can't see it winching out taken in anticipation of him flopping, which he never did he tore up the course so bad, that he got stuck coming out Breakinshit illustrating how he got that name.  notice the stump under the Jeep another angle of the same their final resting place.  they put on quite a show and I was dissapointed that I didn't get to see them go farther the Toy that also ran in the comp Jameson Jameson Jameson this is not a flop, although it looks like it in the pic.  seconds after this he managed to make the climb running an alternate line The Otter and Bigelow buggy. the Hot Pursuit buggy Bigelow Bigelow Bigelow Bigelow I missed the rest of this climb so I could run over and watch Kyle run.  It was kind of cool how the professionals in the buggy got upstaged by a kid in his Mom's Jeep blurry shot of Kyle running the bonus line.  I only kept this shot because it shows one wheel off the ground a better shot.  it's a shame that I didn't get one of him when he had both wheels off the ground missing the finish by inches.  that would have won him the competition a shot of the lake

The plan was to spend the entire day on Thursday packing my Jeep so I could make it down that night and wheel all weekend. However, my job fucked me and I didn't even get to start packing until I got home on Friday. At that point, it wasn't even worth the money to take my Jeep, so I used the pickup so I could get more gear hauled for the trip. I had to rush down and just made it in time to catch the mud bogs.

Spent the day on Saturday watching the competition. It was awesome as the guys put on a great show and we were able to get up close and personal. I was worried that it was going to be boring, but it was far from it.

The star of the day was the son of Burton and Julie from OCC. Kyle ran in the stock class and, with very limited experience, did an amazing job of running his Mom's Jeep all day. He deserves a ton of credit for what he was able to do.

The downside of Kyles performance was the way it overshadowed the rest of the competition. While Kyle deserves a bunch of respect, everyone else drove the hell out of their rigs and gave it 100% all day.

So, thanks to all for putting on a wonderful show for me to watch. I enjoyed it enough that I barely missed having my Jeep.

That night the party was great. What sucked was the amount of walking and climbing I did all day. By 10:00 I was exhausted and had to make the decision that it was better to wuss out and go to bed than to pass out around the campfire.

So, my tally is currently at two Big Dogs trips in three years and none of them included my Jeep. While I did have to opportunity to wheel at Gore once, I still have not wheeled a Big Dogs event. I vow to make that change next year and I plan to make every event they have.

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