Mindy's Run to Rausch Creek
with the Maryland Creepers
June 25 and 26, 2005

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mindy and blake's dad stuck in the mud on trail 10a mindy in the mud mindy in the mud mindy's ass print in her Jeep's hood poolguy coming through the same mud hole, making it look easy my Jeep stuck in that mud hole my Jeep stuck in the mud hole blake trying the same hole my camera is so slow that I snapped a series of shots trying to get a good shot of blake flinging mud, so I included them all here another in the series blake, and his mom all covered in mud mindy playing in the mud hoods up trying to cool off the Jeeps.  I cursed myself here by thinking that mine was the only one without problems just a poser shot mindy cleaning mud from her radiator trying to help her overheating Jeep blake in the bowl on trail 3.  this was cool because you couldn't see the drop off before you started going down it a series of shots of mindy in the bowl next in the series last in the series mike in the bowl mike exiting the bowl just a shot of the scenery by our campsite and the end of the day on Saturday me stuck in the Frog pit.  Pic stolen from Mindy Pic stolen from Mindy Pic stolen from Mindy Pic stolen from Mindy my Jeep full of mud and water after being pulled from the Frog pit my Jeep draining blake in a put at the entrance to trail 4 JT on Yellowjacket ridge JT on Yellowjacket Ridge same thing Blake on Yellowjacket Ridge JT's carnage from Yellowjacket Ridge JT on trail 4 JT in a bowl on trail 4 JT in another bowl on trail 4 Blake in the bowl Trail 12 my snapped tie rod on trail 12 do you think my alignment is off? where it snapped JT covered in mud on trail 4 just a shot to show how dirty my interior was poser shot the hour and a half traffic jam on the ride home

This was a weekend ride to Rausch Creek that Mindy had setup.

On Saturday we ran trail 13 and trail 10. Then we ran lower 3, upper 3, and finished up on trail 1.

On Sunday we ran trail 2, trail 4 and Yellow Jacket Ridge on trail 4. Then we ran blue section of the Cumberland Valley (CV) trail. We ended up running 15 and most of trail 12.

It was an awesome weekend, despite a ton of breakage on my part. So, thanks to Mindy for setting this up. Also, thanks to Mike, his girlfriend, Blake, Blake's family, and JT for making this so much fun.

Thanks also to everone that helped me change my tire. I know it wasn't easy on that incline.

I would also like to thank everyone who helped me take care of my Jeep when I stalled in the water.

Also, thanks to JT for the replacement tie rod and to JT and Blake's Dad for the help putting it on (meaning that they did most of the work while I watched).

My carnage list....

Snapped Tie Rod
Dented Oil Pan
Bent Rear Bumper
Blown Bead on a New Tire
Mud Clogged Radiatior Causing Jeep to Run Hot
Swamped CB
Worthless Rear Brakes (hopefully due to mud)
Ruined Set of Nike's From Standing in the Mud

And maybe more if I can ever get all the mud off.

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