Monthly Trail Ride to Flagpole Knob
at George Washington National Forest
With the NOVA Jeepers
May 14, 2005

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Tim's Boxer Tyson.  He's a beautiful dog. I had an awesome picture set up and Tyson even cooperated by sitting still for close to a minute, but I missed it with my slow camera. Three week old Rubi parked on a rock Rattlesnake we saw on the trail The minivan now that someone has flipped it over The Rubi at Stone Camp.  I think this guy was impressed with what it could do. Jeep Crazy at Stone Camp.  I had a better shot, but my camera was too slow Jeep Crazy flexing hard enough to unseat his spring. My Jeep on Flagpole My Jeep on Flagpole My Jeep on Flagpole A shot of the group at Flagpole Another shot of the group at Flagpole More scenery at Flagpole The group cleaning up some trash we found Another shot of the group cleaning up The campsite after we cleaned up.  I wish I had got a before shot, as it was a mess. Even more scenery at Flagpole.  I take a lot of pictures here because it is a beautiful view, but they never seem to do it justice. My Jeep on Dry Run The Rubi on Dry Run Jeep Crazy coming up the water covered trail on Dry Run. Closed gate I found while scouting new trails Overlook by the Briery Branch Dam Rock wall by the Briery Branch Dam More scenery by the dam More of the rock wall A shot where you can see a little of the dam in the distance Shot from the overlook before Reddish Knob Another overlook before Reddish Knob Another shot from that overlook Reddish Knob.  This place had some of the most awesome views I have ever seen.  The next few pictures are a series that I will, one day, chop together into a panoramic view. second pic Third pic Fourth pic Fifth pic Sixth pic Seventh pic last one Briery Branch Dam.  I couldn't believe how low the water level looked Just one more shot of the rock wall.  This looked spectacular and I was hoping to be able to catch some of that

My second trip to Flagpole in two weeks.

This was the first of the monthly trail rides that will be sponsored by NOVA in the future. I have to say that this one went off without a hitch.

After we ran the trails, and the group headed home, I split off and did some scouting for future runs. For once, the trails I found actually looked promising.

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