Second Annual New To Jeeping Ride
to Gauley Ridge and Second Mountain
at George Washington National Forest
With the NOVA Jeepers
June 18, 2005

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the partial line up as we aired down at the trail head just a poser shot of my Jeep at the trail head scenery along the Vepco trail scenery along the Vepco trail scenery along the Vepco trail the line behind me as we paused on the trail for repair on a CJ the line in front of me from the same location just a poser shot of my Jeep because I thought it looked good scenery along the Gauley Ridge trail flexing at Cline's Hacking stuffed enough to hit the bumpstop still more room to droop just a shot showing that I still have room before my springs unseat a shot showing another Freedom model that was on the ride.  I think it's cool how we started off with nearly identical Jeeps but went in different directions with it. Lunch time at Clines Hacking a cool little dog that was with us.  I think he looked like a fox. 79CJ in his cool looking '79 CJ scenery on Second Mountain.  I liked this shot because I have a shot in the same location as it was getting dark. the mud pit on Second Mountain.  They picked their front tires up off the ground, but my camera was too slow to catch it. Just a shot to show the National Forest Boundary sign. RTFS taking the harder line over an obstacle on Second Mountain, although the picture does not do it justice.  I was suprised that most of the group took the easy line. flexing near the gate on Second Mountain trying out a rock near the mud pit on Second Mountain scenery on Second Mountain Scenery Scenery on Gauley Ridge Johnny's Jeep that never seems to get dirty A toilet in the middle of the woods the label on the toilet calling it King Shitter

An awesome ride for all, set up by RTFS (Jeff), Mrs. RTFS (Christine), and PLYNMUD (Cline).

We ran the Vepco trail to Gauley Ridge. Then we followed that to Second Mountain where we doubled back at the gate. Then we followed Gauley Ridge out towards home. I have planned to take this route twice, but had yet to make it, so I was even more happy with the trip.

They did a great job leading this ride. The group was a full 15 Jeeps, yet we were able to cover a lot of ground.

It was also a testing ground for me. It was the first time out with my lift and new tires, as well as the first time I have been wheeling doorless. Although I have a few bugs to work out, I was very happy with the way my Jeep turned out.

It was great being out with everyone.

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