Off Camber Crawlers
Members Only Run
at Paragon Adventure Park
September 30, 2006


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Budweiser in the Jeep Some eerie blue water in the ponds at the south end of the park Lauren on inner spare tire TJ from another group we encountered that kept picking up his front tire trying to climb me hi-centered on a new part of Rocky Meadow Gino coming over the same obstacle Lauren further down Rocky Meadow Lauren's busted tie rod toe'd in poser shot of my Jeep Lauren on a Posing Rock Lauren Lauren Lauren Gino Gino Ken Ken Gino stuck on Turtles Tail

Had a great time.

I had issues the last time I was at Paragon. I left their pissed off and had been avoiding the place ever since. Glad I finally got a chance to try them out again.

Still didn't like the staff, but it didn't matter since I only had to deal with them for a few minutes. Running in our own group kept them out of the loop, so I had a much better time.

The park was cool, so I will be back. However, I can guarantee that every time it will be with a good group like I ran with on this ride and I will never go near another monthly ride again.

I owe a thanks to everyone at OCC that contributed to this ride, as it turned out great. I love members only rides because you get a better group of people, and this was no exception.

I'll be there for the one next year.

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