Packy Stowell Benefit Run at Crozet
February 11, 2006

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the standard pre-trip poser shot staging in the snow Jimmy Wacker's TJ with 35's on 2 1/2 inches of lift a Rover that was crazy enough to follow us mud on the Tidewater Trail waiting for my turn Jagged little Phil Nick more Nick Burton on Pastoral Jeff - I am always impressed with just how well his XJ works on the trail the Rover flexed on Pastoral - this looked so much better in person Jimmy on Pastoral Phil and Jimmy the newly reopened section of Drivetrain Debauchery a few shots of me going down the same section taken by Phil another one in the series I need to turn the next few shots into a GIF another in the series yet another another and another and the last in the series Nick coming down the obstacle and another one of Nick Nick on the next obstacle Phil taking his turn nice flex on Boulder Byway being hidden by the boulder a shot down the trail I don't know what it is, but his Jeep just doesn't show off it's flex as well in the pics Nick waiting his turn Nick attempting to make it over the boulder that kept moving, which made the obstacle harder than it should have been Phil starting off Phil still not getting stuck Phil hi-centered in the same way that I had been a few minutes before Phil's crushed mirror from hugging a tree.  Remember, the tree is your friend but thinking of it as a woman might not have been the best option Jimmy waiting his turn with a little flex in the snow. Phil trying to climb a rock pile Phil stuck on several rocks on several different parts of his Jeep Phil being winched sideways and backwards just a poser shot since I never get a shot of mine doing anything the control arm is still intact, just bent carnage carnage next to a good arm Jimmy working on the Jeep lying in a mud puddle more Jimmy more Jimmy taken by Phil the control arm taken by Phil the last one of the control arm taken by Phil I don't know any of the specs on this Jeep, but I was just loving the look of it all day

It was yet another great day at Crozet and this time it was for a good cause. All the money taken in was given to the Stowell family to help pay medical bills for their son, Patrick.

So, a special thanks is in order.

Thank you Chris and Heather for the use of your park and the donation of the entrance fees. Y'all are always great hosts.

Thanks to Randy Woods for his donations for the raffle. Also thanks to whoever it was that sold his raffle winnings and donated that money.

Also, thanks to Tom at for the raffle donations and putting together the shirts.

We made the drive down in an impressive three hours. The only downside was that I took a rock to my windshield from my tailgating Jimmy. It sucked, but it also gave me a strange feeling like I was now immune to all trail breakage because I had made a sacrifice of my windshield to the Gods of carnage.

It started snowing as we were about an hour from the park and steadily picked up. This made for some slippery conditions, but the general thought was that it made the trails easier.

Our group was interesting as we were led by a bone stock Zuk on car tires with what seemed like an inch of ground clearance. We also had a stock Rover with us. Neither of them lasted the whole day.

We wheeled all day and stuck around for the raffle. With the carnage Gods happy, I made it out unscathed. Jimmy was not so lucky as he bent his lower front control arm damn near in half. The only other carnage in our group was the fuel delivery problem that sent Chris and his Zuk home, but not before he managed to keep up with us the rest of the day. Chris and his girlfriend deserve some respect for getting that thing up the driveway, not to mention running the trails.

The hard part was not the wheeling but the drive home. The snow had picked up and the roads were not only covered, but getting worse. Jimmy and I had no trouble as long as we went slow, but the other traffic was enough to scare me. There were cars spun out everywhere and it was a big ordeal everytime we had to pass a car that had no business being out in that weather. I think we left the park at about five o'clock and, even though we did stop for air and a bite at Dairy Queen, didn't make it home until close to Midnight.

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