Rock Crawlers for Preservation of Future Access
Members Only Run at Crozet Offroad Park
May 31, 2008

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Chris Chris Heather's Buggy Heather Heather Evan TJ in the comp another of the TJ this guy put on an awesome show smoke show from being uprighted after a flop, and still finishing his run YJ three wheeling it more of this YJ.  I really like this Jeep, and plan to copy a lot of it for my build Rockwelled buggy more buggy more buggy Woody Woody Woody Yota running the course busted this EB is just way too pretty to be running on the trails EB going for the cone

Pushing Woody Back Onto His Wheels

Got down to Crozet well after midnight on Friday night. Being without a Jeep, I just spent Saturday watching the comp, and right seated for a short evening run.

Also, need to give props to the Barbeque master, as the chicken was amazing and the pork was even better. It's great to see that someone else makes Barbeque like I grew up eating from my Grandfather's kitchen, and doesn't feel the need to ruin it by drowing it in sauce.

As a side note, I need to remember to stay away from anything that Chris and Heather refer to as punch. While it tasted awesome, that stuff is evil and left me still feeling hungover at work on Monday.

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