Second Annual NOVA Jeepers
Show and Shine at Marlow Jeep
Front Royal, VA
May 21, 2005

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Rahm flexing The Midevil Door Hanger System.  This has got to be one of the most unique ideas I have seen for a Jeep in a long time
  The same system mounted inside the Jeep.  They are some really cool people and I spent a lot of time checking this system out. Neural on top of her Jeep taking a picture.  It seems like every time I see her, she is climbing on top of that thing The Skid Row Jeep.  This thing is awesome and I had no idea when I took this picture that I would win this bumper.  Thanks Skid Row! The trophies.  Maybe I'll have a Jeep worthy of winning one next year (Y-A-Rubi) Shannon's TJ I love this Jeep.  It's not hardcore, but it's the look I want to go for with mine Another one The AiRock Jeep.  This thing is bad ass.  I have no use for the AiRock system, but I'd love to have it just for the cool factor Tim's low, low mileage Rubi Wink TJ's Jeep Back Country Driving School Sarge's YJ I don't know who owned this CJ-8 Scrambler, but I just love these things I don't know anything about the owner of this Jeep, other than he is an OCC member, but it a very well thought out build A Jeep on the Marlow lot for sale.  I just liked the sign on the windshield A close up. The Hi-Lift Jeep '04 Unlimited's (Keri) LJ Tigger's TJ RTFS's Rubi Harvin's Rubi Speedy's TJ Big Daddy's YJ YJ Flex YJ Rockclimber's YJ Greg Ray's NOVA TJ A totally Herc'ed CJ Plynmud's TJ Neural's Frog A close-up of the Skid Row bumper I won.  Thanks Skid Row!  Y'all are awesome! Thanks Skid Row! Thanks Skid Row! Thanks Skid Row! Thanks Skid Row! Another shot of the TJ I liked This is a before shot of me Jeep without the new bumper.  I accidentally uploaded it, so I figured I'd keep it.  Take note of the new Skid Row banner proudly displayed on my windshield.
You can also see that I was so excited to put on my new bumper that I already stated stripping stuff off the old one.

A kick ass show! Thanks to Jeep Crazy, and his helpers, for putting this together.

I'd also like to thank Buchanan Precision machine for the set of seat risers that I won, Ace 4WD for the $25 gift certificate I won off the purchase of a Source CO2 system, Optima Batteries for the free shirt, and Jeep for the antenna Ball.

Also, I would like to thank Marlow Jeep for letting the show happen on their lot again this year.

Most importantly,

Thank You Skid Row!

for the awesome prize of the new modular bumper for my TJ.
Y'all are awesome!

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