State Line Trail (aka County Line,
aka Tuscarora Trail) with
the NOVA Jeepers
November 21, 2004

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the group at the trail head various trail name signs at the trail head Greg Ray on a hill climb some scenery Motocox on the trail showing how off camber much of the trail was another off camber part #1 Buster fighting his way up a hill #1 Buster broken at the top of the hill climb TJ coming down the hill to winch #1 Buster Broken U-Joint on #1 Buster's rig a group of mountain bikers that came out of nowhere and passed us on the trail my TJ after making it up the same hill the group standing around watching Greg Ray come up the same hill making it look easy Rock Runner trying to stay on the trail a dangerous recovery Greg Ray backing out of the trail some scenery just a shot while I was bored waiting for a recovery another shot of the recovery - notice the trees and see that the trail is really that off camber and that it is not a tilted camera shot of the trail further up yet another shot of the recovery this would have been the next part of the trail, had we been able to continue an accidental shot while I was trying to get my camera to work, but I thought it looked cool so I kept it Rockrunner wedged up against a stump which kept him from rolling down the mountain group checking out the damage right before the TJ was winched out Rockrunner posing with his new body damage body damage the winch master posing with his rig my TJ posing coming down the hill that claimed the Rubi's front axle same spot from a different angle My TJ posed on on a mountain crest.  This spot was off camber with mountain on both sides.  It was an awesome place the scenery from the same spot the Rubi on the crest my TJ on the crest Budweiser the Boxer three in a row on the crest trying to use up all my film with another shot of three on the crest My GPS data from the trip

What can I really say about this ride?

One hour in, half hour out, and over three hours on the trail. A tame enough trail that we were all talking trash about it being overrated, yet it exploded the front U-joints out of a Rubi and almost took another down the side of the mountain.

The group was too large to run this trail and there were not enough experienced people available to handle things.

I will run this trail again, but not this way. It will be with a small group of people I know.

I learned a lot on this run. Some of it about people, some of it about my Jeep. It will all follow me on all my future rides.

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