After Thanksgiving Run at Rausch Creek
with the Maryland Creepers and the Maryland Jeep Club
November 26, 2005

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Blake in one of the bowls on trail 4 Kristen in the same bowl Jimmy in the same bowl a little bit of rock stacking to get the XJ over a rock that was just begging to crush his oil pan XJ killing his front locker on a hill climb a Rockwell equipped CJ entering the bowl before the hill climb a series of shots Jimmy took of me entering the bowl and climbing the hill this threw my dog into the windshield and scared the hell out of him here I am trying to drive with a scared dog in my lap starting the climb one of my many attempts almost cresting the hill.  it took me several tries to make it Jimmy entering the pit Budweiser Kristen posed on 13B Jimmy got stuck, so Kristen had to back up to give him a tug after she had made it.  She got stuck backing up, so Jimmy had to winch her back so she could get unstuck to tug him forward so he could get unstuck trying to strap Jimmy forward posed on 13B by Rock Creek Blake in the Drain Plug Blaker Blake Blake Blake Blake Blake Blake Blake Jimmy in the Drain Plug Jimmy Nukblazi in the Drain Plug Nukblazi's bent exhaust from the Drain Plug I'm liking the tubing on this CJ I also really liked the grill protection just a shot of the whole CJ.  ALthough it's a little wide for what I want, I really liked it

These multi-club rides seem to be getting more popular. We got together some people from the Creepers and the MJC for a ride at Rausch. I had been wanting to meet a few of the MJC people and finally got the chance. I already knew the few Creepers that were there, and it is always a good time with them as well.

We started with a decent sized group and staged with a covering of snow on the ground. The snow definately made things interesting as I could not seem to get traction to climb anything.

We started off by running shortcut to A, A, F, B, G, and then the Pole Line to a section of trail 1. Then we touched on B to go run part of trail 4.

The best I could tell, we ran a portion of 4 that wasn't on the map that led us out to trail 5.

I usually have a good sense of direction and playing with the GPS aids that. But, the snow covering just made everything seem unfamiliar. There were many points throughout the day where I just lost the total sense as to where I was. This point in the day was one of those times. We made it back to the Pole Line, but I have no idea how as I couldn't recognize any of the trails that we followed.

This is also the point where Mindy called it a day. The heat gave up in her Jeep that morning. Her dog, Cow, also wasn't too happy after bouncing off the inside of her windshield. She left the group and headed home.

We then ran 1B over to trail 2, to the Pole Line then headed out to the west side. We followed Tower road to J to get there

Over there we ran 15, and followed 11 to 13B. I was damn impressed as one of the MJC guys (I have no clue as to his name) spotted a guy driving a bone stock XJ (I don't know his name either) through this part of the trail. That was some excellent work on both their parts getting through a trail that a stock XJ had no business being on. Good job guys!

At this point, the XJ and a few others headed out. I can remember these days in my stock TJ. It takes a lot more effort to get a stocker through stuff like that and I know they were exhausted. I just hope he keeps with it and doesn't get discouraged.

The rest of our group ran the blue/black section of 13A. We decided to head back to the east side from there so we could be sure to make it out before dark. We hit 11 to H, where we broke off to follow a small part of the power line to go around the part of our group that left.

We hit one of the hill climbs on the Pole Line. I really like these climbs and I wish more rides I go on take the time to hit them up. I mean, after all, they are on the way in and out so it's not like you have to make a special trip to go find them. The way I see it, you might as well have a little fun on your ride out.

We followed F out to A to catch K. From there we ran Upper 3 to Lower 3. Blake decided to try the newly named Drain Plug. After several tries and almost making it, we finally had to strap him out. As we just had Blake barely clear, Jimmy made a run. He ended up getting strapped as well.

Another group caught up with us here and a nicely built Unlimited Rubicon decided to give it a go. He came close, but ended up high centering on his transfer case skid. After a few tries and some damage to his exhaust, we finally had to try and strap him out. He was high centered so bad that we finally had to winch him out. So, nobody made it, but it wasn't from lack of trying.

So, all in all, it was another awesome day at Rausch, made even more interesting by the snow.

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